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Hogg & Davis, 985 Hydra





  • The selection of the HYDRA 985 as your cable-pulling unit can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on any given job. Line construction experts will tell you the highest costs of any job are in the “get ready” or set-up for a pull. Manpower and equipment required can eat up any job budget.
  • That is why the self-loading, self-maneuverable HYDRA 985 beats the competition. Manpower is used efficiently and supporting equipment requirements are nearly eliminated. No other unit on the market can measure up in terms of overall job economy.
  • The “heart” of the HYDRA 985 is the horsepower efficient hydrastatic drive system that can create in excess of 24,000-lbs. line pull. 
  • Electric/hydraulic proportional controllers smoothly guide the powerful hydrastatic transmission through its paces. 
  • The closed loop system provides full pulling pressure to the two-speed final drive motor, offering slow, inching capability to all-out brute force.
  • The transmission also drives an auxiliary pump to handle the loading, maneuvering and optional hydraulic functions. All this power coming from a job proven water cooled diesel engine, featuring electric start, engine preheat and the name John Deere.
  • All these components are engineered into a tight, compact unit that features economical use of hydraulic hoses and lines that is totally hooded for safety with hinged doors for easy maintenance and service. The power unit slides fore and aft on UHMW lined tracks, greatly reducing lubrication requirements.


  • 24,000# Line Pull 
  • Self - Maneuverable
  • Friction Drive System
  • Main Control Panel
  • Hydraulic Controls
  • Hydraulic Loading
  • Rear Control Panel
  • Load Adjustable

  • Type: YANMAR 3TNV88C-DYEM Cylinders:3 
  • Bore: 84mm (3.31 in) Stroke: 90mm (3.54 in) Disp: 1.497L (91.2 CID) 
  • Power Rating: 36.8 hp @ 3000rpm Standard Conditions
  • Combustion: Continuous, Direct Injection 
  • Ignition: Keyed Switch Off, Run
  • Cold Weather Pack: Start block heater is standard

  • Length: 197 Inches (5033mm)
  • Width: 94 Inches (2438mm)
  • Height: 80 Inches (2032mm)
  • Approximate Weight: 7200lbs 


Please call (916) 372-9138 for further inquiries