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Ring-O-Matic 1300 VX



PTO Drive

1300 gallon spoils tank 

1700 CFM Displacement Gardner Denver blower  

Pressurized Tank Offload  

Pressure Filter Backflush   

Reverse Flow Suction Hose Blow-Out    

2x250 gallon poly fresh water tanks    

6.0 gpm @ 4000psi Water Pump        

Premium silencer package      

Hydraulic tank hoist      

Hydraulic full opening rear door    

Sight-glass for level detection       

4" suction hose        

50' x 3/8" high pressure hose reel     

Wash gun       

5' pothole lance      

6' suction tube with lawnsweep      

Safety strobe

Dual LED worklights.

6" Extendable Boom (6-way) - Hydraulically Rotates 340°, Raises/Lowers and Extends/Retracts (10' to 14') 

Suction Off/On w/ Handheld wireless remote

6" suction hose (1 each 5 ft, 10ft and 25ft)

6" dielectric Suction tube

Power Lock Door System 1300

Spoils Tank Double Wash in-tank washing system

One 60" Tool Box Diamond Plate

Cyclonic Pre-Filter (Order: 1 for up to 1700 CFM, 2 for up to 3000 CFM)

8 Function Traffic Director Slimline LED Light Bar

Pintle Hitch 

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