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  • Increased pull lengths mean fewer setups
  • Fewer pull boxes needed saves costs
  • Reduces potential cable damage
  • Direct application into the duct before the pull reduces wear on cable pulling equipment • Available in standard or winter grade (-400F)
LUBADUK® keeps pull tensions low; up to 74% less friction and 50% less pulling tension than with other lubricants. The effectiveness of LUBADUK® has been proven in the field and with extensive testing. Reduced cable tension (as much as 50%) greatly reduces the wear on cable pulling equipment and improves safety. A unique shear-sensitive carrying agent holds a dispersion of silicone oil and microspheres in suspension. LUBADUK® microspheres are tiny ball bearings, with diameters between .010” and .020.” Pulling cable with LUBADUK® means cable actually rolls on a layer of microspheres, which keep friction between cable and conduit extremely low. Any change in the cable contact point provides a fresh layer of microspheres, keeping friction low.